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Official Wiki of an Safety Club from an serie featuring 5 members saving people

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Welcome To Kristijan's Safety Club Wikia!
Hello and welcome to Kristijan's Safety Club Wikia, where you will see 6-7 safety club heroes and their ship saving the day when their friends or other people are in trouble. However, they often get locked up with the rival club, the Anti-Kristijan Safety Club, led by Brgles, the ruthless targeting leader who wants Kristijan and his club to go out of business, and they try lot of ways to do it. But our heroes can pick up their trail and find out the scheme. Enjoy reading about this.
Safety club members and Main Characters: Kristijan Matijević,co-founder and leader Panda 2 Magic,club member Garfield,club member Nermal,club member Buster bunny ksf Ksf katrhyn janeway (emh) in science division

Welcome To Our Amazing Wikia!
Supporting Characters: Kate big Untitled Shirley the loon (2) Babs bunny Plucky duck Wall•e Eve wall•e
Welcome To Our Amazing Wikia!
Anti-safety club members and villains: 100px Montana Max,member of enemy safety club Ken Arshavin,member of enemy safety club Rover,member of enemy safety club

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